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SAT 1 scores in Are these good enough?

  1. Feb 15, 2007 #1
    Ok so I got

    Critical Reading 630 85th percentile
    Math 740 97th percentile
    Writing 650 90th percentile

    I Have to say I'm disappointed in CR and writing sections. However I'm satisfied with Math. If I'm applying into Theoretical Physics at say MIT, Princeton, Standford and Caltech, will these scores have a positive or negative effect?
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    At most places, probably a positive effect. At MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Caltech, probably a negative effect.
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    I got into the University of Chicago with very similar scores, but you do need to realize that colleges base decisions on much more than SAT scores.
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    That's exactly what I'm hoping for :tongue2: I'm in the IB, so taking the test along with several projects and 4 exams, made it very hard. I was working for 7 hours a day. On the test day I barely got any sleep... Still I'm disappointed, I learned 750 new words in 3 days in order to get a good score on the CR section... guess it didn't work, despite getting above 700+ on my practice tests. If only I had an extra month, I could rise my score by at least 100 points. Oh well, can't do much about it. At least the math score isn't too shabby.
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    What do you do *outside* of school?

    I'm not kidding... at the elite universities, SAT scores and grades are little more than a first pass filter to weed out the obviously unsuitable. No one gets into MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Caltech because of good grades and SAT scores... although bad grades and low SAT scores can keep you out.
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