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Satellite (Gravitation) Question

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    A satellite has a orbital period of 5760s around earth. What is the orbital radius?

    I'm not sure how I can do this without the velocity or acceleration.

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    Is no other information provided in the question?
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    no other information,
    however, part of the question might have been cut off
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    EDIt: Never mind...
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    I assume they mean that the orbit is circular.

    Then simply use
    [tex] P = { 2 \pi R \over v} [/tex]

    and [tex] m { v^2 \over R} = G { m M \over R^2} [/tex]
    where M is the mass of the Earth and m is the mass of the satellite. Then you have two equations for two unknowns: R and v. Which you can then solve.

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