Satellite mechanics: linear and rotational momentum

In summary, the conversation is discussing a question about a satellite with a thruster that ejects 100g of propellant with a speed of 1000m/s, giving the satellite a momentum of 100kg m/s. The question is how much of this momentum will be given to rotation and how much to linear motion. To answer this question, the concept of conservation of linear and angular momentum is brought up. The conversation then delves into the mathematical expressions for these conserved quantities and how they relate to the problem at hand. The importance of choosing a specific axis for calculating angular momentum is also mentioned. Overall, the goal is to guide the OP in understanding how to solve such problems rather than just providing the answer.
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vasya said:
look more closely on first picture in this thread. thruster has offset of 0.25m of y-piersing-through-the-center-of-mass axis
Thank you. That explains the factor of two discrepancy in our two evaluations for rotation rate.

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