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Scalars, vectors, pseudo-scalars, pseudo-vectors

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    This is a basic question about the scalars, vectors, pseudo-scalars, and pseudo-vectors. I know that scalars and pseudo-vectors don't change sign under parity and vectors and pseudo-scalars do, but does that imply that scalars have to be even function of x, y, z (like for example x^2+y^4+z^2) and pseudo scalars have to be odd in x, y, z and also correspondingly with vectors and pseudo vectors? Also if you have a function like x^3 +y^2+z^54, does that mean that this function can be broken up into a scalar and pseudo scalar part, just like how any function can be broken up into an even and an odd part? I think I am really confused about this. Thanks in advance to anyone who can really clarify this. (Also I didn't know where to post this question. So if its placed in the wrong section, then feel free to redirect it into the correct section.)
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    Hi captain! :smile:

    Just as you can't add scalars to vectors,

    you can't add vectors to pseudovectors, or scalars to pseudoscalars.

    In physics, it'll be a scalar or a vector or a pseudo-scalar or a pseudo-vector …

    it won't be a mixture. :smile:
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