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Schrodinger equation graph help

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    I hope I'm not offending anyone here by posting a request for some help here. We are in need of a knowledgable physicist who can interpret an anomoly in a Schrodinger equation graph. This is for an online alternate reality game ("ARG") called Find the Lost Ring.
    The graph can be found here:

    After going to the site, you'll see a globe with tiny dots. Clicking anywhere on the page and begin typing "RUN GRAPH" will show what I've been told is a Schrodinger equation and a graph. Typing "CLOSE" will then close the text inputter and the graph with a slider appears at the bottom. Waving the cursor over the left side of the graph will produce a tool to close up on the graph. Sliding it left and right moves along the date axis. Around 1815, an anomoly occurs where the lines drop significantly and then resume in a wave pattern.

    We need a physicist to help interpret this graph. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me.
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    Is this one of the google games where you have to guess some obscure codeword?

    I don't know, maybe it has something to do with quantum tunneling, maybe you have to look for a tunnel built in 1815?

    But that would be too easy right?
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    No, it's not a google game.
    It's associated with the upcoming China Olympics and has numerous international players participating in many different aspects.

    You can read about it here:


    But I warn you. Once you start looking into it, it can become somewhat addicting.
    I came here because I'm particularly intringued by the graph and what Schodinger has to do with it.
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    Well, this looks like the graph is describing how wavelength [tex]\lambda[/tex] evolves with time (years).

    So, what significant event happened in 1815?
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    Well the Schrödinger equation enables you to plot a probability distribution to determine what state a system is in. For example it along with other approaches can be used to determine the spectral lines of hydrogen. I would guess though that this is trying to map the probability cloud of an electron. But why they are using the Schrödinger equation to do so I have no idea? i suppose it's pretty much like a big graph of a probability that the electron will be in any position at any given time in a hydrogen atom. So it depends on the quantization of the electrons in a hydrogen atom. Which are according to quantum theory most likely at certain values, and then vanishingly likely the further you get from that "position" data. That's I'm afraid the limit of my extremely limited knowledge.


    http://www.hy2.gr/reference/images/clip_image025.jpg [Broken]

    Here's a couple of pictures of what you would get eventually if you ran the SE for hydrogen.

    As you can see certain quantizations are favoured, however it can be misleading to assume those closer to the atom are necessarily more favoured, as we must take into account the dimensions of the picture.

    By the way I couldn't get the graph up so I have no idea what the graph looks like.
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    Even more interesting is if you look at the graph in 2008 a closeup reveals the lines actually move backwards.
    Many playing the game have surmized that each line represents a collection parallel universes. Some of the other hints have revealed that the upper line (white) is a sum of the number of universes that each line represents and that when the upper limit (1x10^11) of universes is reached, an event (a rapid continental change) triggers the destruction of many universes so there is room to "grow" more universes (from multiple decision making).

    I know this is beyond the scope of this forum, but I thought many of you might like to get involved as it clearly has some quantum physics involved.
    You can go to one of these forums to discuss it if you please:
    http://forums.findthelostring.com/message/3677#3677 [Broken]

    Thanks so much for all the help here.
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    Ah right I finally managed to get it to run. Nope no idea what it's doing other than the suggestions already made, but then you'd have to know what the y axis represents to have any idea what it is meant to be I think.
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