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Schwarzschild and Newton potential

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    Expressing the Schwarzschild in the Weyl form allows one to use the Newton potential. The Newton potential here is, perhaps surprisingly, equivalent with a rod of length 2M and mass M. Also the rod is exactly positioned where r = 2M. Furthermore if we decrease the length of the rod to the solution of a point mass, the solution is no longer spherically symmetric.

    What, if anything, do you think is the significance of all this?

    Fair question: Does the Schwarzschild solution refer to a removed rod or to a removed point mass?
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    Wait a minute, what do you mean by "Weyl form" here? And then how was the above image of the Newtonian potential in this "form" given?

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    Do you have a reference I can look at ? One way of putting a Schwarzschild black hole into a Weyl vacuum is discussed in this paper, arXiv:gr-qc/0502062v1, but their [itex]\psi[/itex] ( equation 8) doesn't look like a Newtonian potential.
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    This is a well-known result, but no, I don't think there's any significance to it.
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    The significance, if any is that since nothing can be physically a rod and a point at the same time that would make r=2m a physical singularity. So I would take Bill's advice and ignore it.
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    Ignoring things that can both be interesting and educational?

    Looks like this forum is going downhill.
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