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Sci-Fi Writing Resources

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    Dare I suggest another sticky? (Apparently so.)

    Unsure about whether or not to include more general links, like Wikipedia - I'm leaning towards "not", because those tend to do more harm in cluttering up such a listing than they help those unfortunate few who aren't already aware of them.
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    Climatology for Worldbuilders

    I've only had a glance so far, but the material seems to be extremely thorough.
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    Here is a good link that talks about sci-fi combat: military-sf.com
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    1) GURPS Space - yes, an RPG material, however allows to create a realistic SF settings very quickly. Source of reasonable ideas and simplified formulas for calculations.

    2) Speculative biology:
    2.1) Nice, recently restarted blog concerning speculative biology:

    2.2) Wikipedia concerning speculative biology:

    2.3) Movies, accessible online:
    -"The Future is Wild" (whole series)
    -"Extraterrestrial: Aurelia"; "Extraterrestrials: Blue Moon" (those are even on youtube)
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