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Syfy (formerly Sci-Fi Channel, later shortened to Sci Fi; stylized as SYFY) is an American basic cable channel owned by the NBCUniversal Television and Streaming division of Comcast's NBCUniversal through NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. Launched on September 24, 1992, the channel deals in programming relating to the science fiction, horror, and fantasy genres.
Syfy is available to 92.4 million households in America.

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  1. K

    Mixed hard and soft sci-fi?

    I am writing a sci-fi (intentionally, I mean, not just when I make a mistake in a serious discussion!) and I initially wanted to keep it what is called "hard sci-fi", i.e. a story which sticks to the rules of real science. However I also need some serious deviations from known science...
  2. MasterOgon

    Art Exploring Science and Technology Through Sci-Fi Space Art

    Hi everyone! I love science, am constantly interested in news in various fields, and have even done my own amateur research in physics and psychology, but I am an artist. And that’s why I most like to popularize scientific and technological progress, as well as highlight related issues through...
  3. S

    3D space interface to other dimensions

    There are some theories which claim that space should for some mathematical reason have more than 3+1 dimensions, but that some of them are for some reasons "rolled up". How would an interface look like where the number of unrolled dimensions changes? Consider a blister on skin, or paint. The...
  4. Ivan Seeking

    The Man from Earth | A Sci-Fi Masterpiece by Jerome Bixby

    One of my absolute favorite sci-fi movies, it is entirely dialogue driven and a wonderfully fun story; so much so that I hate to give anything away. I read that the author Jerome Bixby, worked on the story for many years and died before it was finished. Luckily his son stepped up and finished...
  5. jaketodd

    Movies and/or music that got you interested in physics

    For me, Event Horizon was very scary but had enough sci-fi and sci-real to it that it captivated me.
  6. H

    Surf 4D: Ride the Wave, Make a 360°

    In four spatial dimensions it is possible to have a breaking ocean wave that is horizontally circular. Maybe you could get all the way around it. It is possible to get the board to do a 360 whilst facing forward the whole time. That is, the board planes as it normally does while this is going...
  7. Erik1801

    Realistic fast Interstellar Propulsion Methods

    This is my first time posting, so please excuse any mistakes. I am grasping at straws here. I am working on a Hard-Sci Fi novel, plot, arcs, characters etc. are all worked out and i decided to take the deep dive in terms of Realism. For instance, there are no Fusion reactors. All that is...
  8. Antitank_Borshch

    Help me come up with shock effect preventing technology (sci-fi book)

    There is a problem in my technological concept that does not allow the normal development of the plot of the book. It takes place on an ocean planet where being above sea level is absolutely dangerous with the level of technology that exists there. So all combat operations there take place...
  9. Strato Incendus

    Modern Sci-Fi Books and Their Apparent Obsession with Brain Implants

    Semi-rant incoming: In both of the two science-fiction novels I’ve touched most recently (“Braking Day” by Adam Oyebanji and “The Forever Watch” by David Ramirez), all the characters having a bunch of implants was simply the default. Now I came across a story named K3+ (by Erasmo Acosta) that...
  10. D

    Nuclear fusion energy calculations

    Me again! For a sci-fi story I'm working on, I've created a sci-fi technology called an Aneutronic Triple Alpha Fusion Reactor. It works via aneutronic fusion, in this case, fusing Deuterium with Helium 3, but it also mimics the triple alpha process found within stars to maximise fuel use...
  11. D

    Sci-fi engine thrust calculations

    Hi all, I'm writing a technical manual for a starship in a science-fiction series I'm working on, I wanted to check with some folks here to make sure my calculations are correct concerning the ship's engine thrust. The ship has a fully-loaded mass of 5 million metric tons. Using its...
  12. sbrothy

    Popular physics: Boltzmann Brains and Sci-Fi

    I assume you people are all so preoccupied with all the hard sciencemastering going on that you're missing out on the more basic [sic] research abundantly present under the "Popular Physics" header at arxiv.org. Particularly: Futurama, Marvel's Supervillains and Boltzmann Brains. I'm not...
  13. Melbourne Guy

    Netflix's "The Silent Sea" is quietly compelling sci-fi

    It's a locked box mystery set on the Moon, and while there are a few "Hmmm" moments for nuanced lovers of sci-fi (artificial gravity!), "The Silent Sea" is quite watchable if you're okay with slower moving plots and subtitles (there is English dubbing, it's not as enjoyable for me at least, as...
  14. H

    What Sci-Fi Got Right: Asimov's 1972 Novel & Its Impact on Politics

    Science fiction author Isaac Asimov's 1972 novel The Gods Themselves is about mankind having discovered how to get free energy. It's great until some scientists figure out it is going to cause the Sun to go nova and destroy the Earth. Here's what happens when they talk to a senator. Then...
  15. M

    The Potential of Sci-Fi Weapons: Could We Build Them?

    What do we think re the most powerful sci-fi weapons are that we could realistically envision becoming reality one day. I am wondering if we will ever be able to build anything more powerful than matter / anti-matter explosions like Star Trek's Torpedo's.
  16. Ivan Seeking

    What Sci-Fi Got Wrong: Alcohol in Space

    I am always noticing small and major details in science fiction movies that are either wrong, or I think will be wrong. :) One I've noticed often is the idea that in 400 years or a galaxy far, far away, people in space ships will be pouring brandy. There is an obsession with booze in much of...
  17. U

    Is My Sci-Fi Story's Scientific Premise Believable?

    Summary:: Can you tell me if my sci-fi story's scientific premise is remotely believable? I am writing a sci-Fi novel. The scientific premise of the story is like this... The creature in my story is created in a lab by a quantum physicist. With a quantum computer, and electron microscopes...
  18. Orenshved

    Sci-fi writer in need of futuristic Quantum Physics ideas

    Summary:: Looking for ideas for my book about future QP applications. Hey everyone, I'm writing a sci-fi thriller set 25 years in the future, where my main character and his team are trying to stop an artificial superintelligence that is operating on the world's most powerful quantum...
  19. M

    What kind of telescope can see planets in other galaxies?

    I was recently looking at a comic reprinting of Retro Sci Fi Tales # 9, and the synopsis on the site spoke about a story of the "Exposition Universelle", where at a fictitious worlds fair in Paris in 1878, they unveil a "grand inter-galactic telescope so powerful that it can view the surfaces of...
  20. J

    Is Multiverse the ultimate sci-fi?

    Multiverse is about other universes with all kinds of laws of nature. This means all science fiction ideas or scenerios can play out or exist to some extent, like Harry Potter. Hence anything fantasy or science fiction you can think of is overtaken by this Multiverse concept believed by...
  21. U

    Need help with a sci-fi idea - photonic man

    Summary:: I want to create a superhero made of photonic molecules. I was wondering if anyone would give me some scientific pointers/advice. My premise is that a brilliant quantum computer scientist finds a way to create programmable photon molecules. Since he can program the molecules to have...
  22. C

    What features in today's sci-fi do you think will become reality?

    Following Clarke's thinking “Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.”, I am quite switched off with today's sci-fi it is basically 'magic' but dressed up to be technological. It seems to me (maybe just my POV) that decades ago there was a more balanced mix of stuff that was at the...
  23. Ivan Seeking

    Great Movies and Series [Not Sci-Fi]

    I have a seen a number of great series about women lately. The Queens Gambit: Loved it! The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Of course this has been around since 2013 and just concluded last year Orange is the New Black All on Netflix
  24. B

    Contradictions in sci-fi shields

    I watch a lot of Star Citizen streams, and a big part of that game is being able to fly to and from planetary atmospheres. I don't understand the SCI part of the sci-fi shields that space game ships have, and I have some questions. The shields seem to always be on... does that mean that, like...
  25. Pmfr

    Hypothetical sci-fi question about wormholes and elapsed time

    Hi there. I'm writing a sci-fi story for a video game. At some point in time an advanced civilization from the future, say 4010, creates a wormhole for a not so advanced civilization spacecraft in the past, say 2050, to travel through. The idea is for the not so advanced civilization...
  26. Orange_Squash

    Lapsed sci-fi fan, looking for recommendations to get back into it

    As a teenager I ripped through my father's old sci-fi novels - Heinlein, Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, Herbert, Dick amongst others. I'm also a big fan of Douglas Adams but haven't read all of his books yet. I really enjoyed the sci-fi short stories genre, but again stuck mainly to the above...
  27. FourEyedRaven

    Netflix series DARK - Taking Sci-Fi Writing to a New Level

    Hi. Any fans of DARK here? This show was mind blowing. The feel of the show may be to heavy for some, especially in the beginning. So it may not be your style. But if you like that atmosphere, the series is truly amazing. The writing is on a whole new level. If you haven't watched it, I...
  28. M

    What would it take to make a “true” universal translator?

    Besides telepathy, what could I use to explain the properties of a device that is a TRUE universal translator, a handheld device that can decipher any language it encounters? I don’t know much about linguistics but I was told that even in a sci-fi setting, this is impossible. Jack Buchanan even...
  29. C

    Vaccines in Sci-Fi: Exploring Dystopian Outcomes of Mass Vaccination

    Any vaccines related themes in sci-fi? I'm thinking what if majority of the world was vaccinated against covid-19. Then 2 years later, there are side effects of say infertility or neurological deficit or slow death. It can decimate the world's population leaving only some hidden population in...
  30. G

    Exploring Exotic Weapons in Sci-Fi: From Droplets to Hyperspace Engines

    Warning maybe minor spoilers: . . . . I pretty much liked the droplet from Dark Forest, basically a superatom that can ram battleships and continue its lethal path. (Maybe certain anime battles was inspirative to Cixin Liu) I less liked the sophons, they were pretty magical, also as someone...
  31. E

    Exploring Efficient Weapons in Sci-Fi Settings

    Been doing a bit of reading re weaponry, and the general conclusion is that mass throwers of some sort beat energy weapons (odd term, basically both are "energy weapons", kinetic or other wise). One thing I'm stuck on is the "if you have anti gravity why bother with literally anything else as...
  32. D

    Math/Physics Guidance for Sci-Fi Story Plot Element

    Summary:: 1. At what distance (in km) would a telescope (roughly half the size of Hubble) be able to actually make out features on an approaching object with a 75m cross-section? Hello Everyone, New to the forum, but I've been reading a lot of other posts here and am consistently impressed...
  33. N

    Sci-Fi Reboots that are lemons

    Some sci-fi movie reboots got so bad such as these. How come? 1. Ghostbusters 2016 2. Hellboy 2018 3. Men in Black International 2019 4. Highlander Source 5. Please input what else you remember Reboots are supposed to as good or better than the original. What caused their demise? What reboots...
  34. M

    Which of these technologies would be hard to do in Star Wars?

    This Wiki page I've been editing for months with stuff I've read on the internet. Based on existing science and tech already available in Star Wars, which of these would be challenging for a scientist in Star Wars to create? Try to explain why and you can pick multiple entries. Remember, Star...
  35. S

    Did 1950's sci-fi have it right?

    I used to think that 1950's sci-fi go it wrong. It had rockets using their thrusters to make soft landings. It also had rocket ships that looked like this: https://www.techspot.com/news/82122-elon-musk-reveals-spacex-stainless-steel-starship-rocket.html
  36. T

    Sci-fi author needs advice on building a multi-layered city

    Many cities, such as Rome and Mexico City, have been built over older, preexisting cities. From what I've read however, this tends to happen in stages, especially after disasters like fires or earthquakes. I'm wondering if it would be theoretically possible to build a completely new city over a...
  37. K

    Top Sci-Fi TV Shows: Manifest, Legacies, A Discovery of Witches, and More!

    What is the current sci-fi tv shows you are watching? I may miss something. I watch only: 1. Manifest 2. Legacies 3. Discovery of Witches. 4. Gifted 5. Salvation (season 2 finished) I avoided the Flash, Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow, because after watching Thanos, they became quite pale in...
  38. Duplex

    What are your best sci-fi short films?

    Personally, I prefer 5-20 minute movies with both width and depth. Would like to have a natural science focus, especially physics-related. Here are two of my favorites on YouTube. Time-related. One-Minute Time Machine (5:40) A kind of "multi-world generator" with a delete button and quantum...
  39. S

    Time Dilation in a Sci-Fi Novel

    Super frustrated English major here trying to do calculus! Please help! I'm in way over my head... So, I'm writing this manuscript that involves humans with genetically inherited teleporting abilities. Near the end of the book, my protagonist wants to fling the antagonist close enough to a...
  40. K

    Outside Space-time sci-fi genres

    I'm interested in all movies with themes or genres about us being visited by visitors who operate outside the limits of our space-time continuum yet have the ability to cross over into our reality. Try to imagine the guys of Dark City but operating outside time. Have you seen any movies or tv...
  41. D

    Upgrade and new good original Sci-Fi

    Many sci-fi movies are boring or clichés but I just happened to watch two of the best in a row... Time Trap and Upgrade... the latter is really good... https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/upgrade_2018 What good sci-fi have you watched lately? really good ones that don't have themes already...
  42. jedishrfu

    Sci-fi Great Author Harlon Ellison has Died

    From the article: https://deadline.com/2018/06/harlan-ellison-dies-sci-fi-writer-was-84-1202419133/
  43. G

    Weapons of the future in Sci-Fi

    I wonder, do you know any book, or film, that don't just stick to modern, or WWII warfare, when imagine the battlefields of future? Sure energy shields are cool, but they are simply some super armor. Personally i like mechas (although i think they shouldn't be that big) and i can see a role for...
  44. A

    Good sci-fi movies about the afterlife

    Good sci-fi movies about the afterlife I've watched are 1. Flatliners 2. Fields of Dreams.. there should be dozens more.. can you recall some? In light of the passing of the esteemed physicist Stephen Hawking.. I want to take the time to watch some of these movies. What is your belief about...
  45. Curiose

    A Question: A novel set in the future

    I have been writing this science fiction novel in the form of a blog so that I can get feedback. It's based on the direction that technology is progressing on a whole, but in a "distant" future when we basically Ray Kurzweil got his way, but it didn't turn out exactly how he predicted. Chapter...
  46. S

    Making Science Accessible: A Journey Through the Natural Sciences

    Just joined and glad to be here. I am passionate about making science popular among non-scientists and among young people, telling them science like a story instead of lecturing.
  47. D

    Writing: Input Wanted An overheating energy source (for a sci-fi story)?

    Hi. I'm trying to create a power generating technology for a sci-fi story that is ubiquitous in everyday life (e.g., flying cars, starfighters, elevators, homes, etc.). One element I need is for the power core to be able to overheat and kill a human in a starfighter. Is there an existing or...
  48. W

    Looking for a good sci-fi movie to watch

    I'm actually running out of sci-fi movies to watch. I like sci-fi movies that keep their feet on the ground with science, don't mash much with fantasy (wizards, etc...) and at the same time spur "What If..." thought or make you pause and hop to the web to look something up. for example: Flat...
  49. D

    Rare mineral to power dark energizers in a sci-fi story

    Hi. I'm looking for a substance that could be used to draw dark energy from space and power very large spaceships. Ideally, it would be something real but rare on Earth. I was using a made-up mineral called sparkle, but I found that using something made up didn't feel right, otherwise why hasn't...
  50. O

    Are Djinns Real and Could They Exist in Other Dimensions?

    The other day i accidentally saw this book at amazon website and bought it via kindle.. then became interested in the djinns and especially movies about them. I watched Jinn 2014.. what other good Jinn movies have you seen? And where do you think the Djinns originated in the mythology? In...