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Science Education Video Series: Think About

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    Hello Physics Forums:

    I wanted to share a new science-education video series called 'Think About'. We just completed the first eight mini-episodes. 'Think About' airs on American Forces Network (AFN) and the audience is pretty special: kids that are overseas with their military parents. The videos are also available, at no cost, to educational organizations, public broadcasting, etc.

    In any case, we'd love to have some feedback and also suggestions for future episodes.

    A few samples are below and you can see all eight episodes on YouTube here:
    Think About - Episodes 01-08

    Think About: What Happens to Water in a Vacuum?

    Think About: What is Color?

    Think About: What is Temperature?
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    Wow, I'm really surprised! I'd never think water would boil.
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    Nice! I didn't know water would boil and then freeze in space.
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    Very professionally done & interesting for kids.
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    That's very well done. Having spent some time overseas watching AFN myself, I am sure these videos will be appreciated.
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