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Scientific notation question - backscatter or backscattering angle?

  1. Nov 1, 2013 #1
    hi all,

    I got a question about the spelling difference on a particular case.

    I registered to address my problem to native English speakers(or people who can help me :)). Hopefully this is the right part of the forum.

    Currently i am writing my thesis in English(i am not a native English speaking person)

    My thesis deals with the research of electron backscattering.

    Therefore is use the term "backscatter probability", "backscatter angle" and "backscatter energy" quite often.

    What's the correct writing - backscatter angle or backscattering angle?

    I think the difference between backscatter and backscattered is known to me

    best regards
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    Backscatter is a noun. It is a thing that happens

    Backscattered is an adjective. It is a characteristic of something.


    Since there was a distinct backscatter, it would be correct to say they were backscattered electrons
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