SCRUM and traditional methodologies in SPM

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I don't know much about SCRUM, but it seems to me that even when I apply the traditional method to managing a software project with a strong QA/QC team, I still don't need SCRUM at all ?
SCRUM is supposed to resolve problems of customer requirement's repeated changes, software quality (mainly due to insufficient test cases applied), and I don't know how to reason SCRUM helps solve the time estimation for a software project at all.

Could you tell me a story of something non-software related that helps me realize what SCRUM actually is ? Thank you a lot.
AGILE/SCRUM is a poor choice for some projects and a good choice for others. For very structured, large scale projects it tends to be poor. For projects such as developing highly flexible software, especially interactive web sites, it can be a very good choice because it makes for quick turn-around of parts of the software. The key to it is the daily meetings and frequent consultation with the end users. Another important aspect is good testing methodology, just as you require in normal project management, but even more so because of the frequent changes.

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