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Searching for Josephson Junctions

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    I am searching for off the shelf Josephson Junctions for experimental purposes. All I have found is a specialized semiconductor design/fabrication business. I am not a huge expert on physics or electronics, but I would think they would be more available than what I have found. Also, I am not looking for squids. I hope some one can help me out.

    Joe L.
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    Do you have access to liquid helium, or a 2-stage cryocooler?

    There are a few companies that could probably sell you chips with Josephson junctions, but they all (maybe with one exception) use Nb technology, i.e. you need to cool the junction down to around 4K.
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    No I do not have access to any cryogenic equipment. The reason I wanted to find ceramic superconductors was to try to avoid that, but from what I am learning ceramic alloys SC's could still be enhanced with some extra cooling. Thanks for your reply.
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    Even with ceramic superconductors you still need cryogenic equipment, YBCO has a Tc of 92K; but you really need to be down at 77K (liquid nitrogen), and ideally colder, in order to operate Josephson junctions.
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