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Second Textbook in Linear Algebra after Strang

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    I used Gilbert Strang's text: Introduction to Linear Algebra, to introduce myself to the subject. The book drops off after giving a brief introduction to Linear Transformations. Can someone recommend a second text in Linear algebra that begins with Linear Transformations and develops the subject from there? I would prefer a more rigorous treatment, but the subject itself fascinates me and I would just like to continue onward from where I left off.
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    I like Axler. You can find other recommendations in the science book forum under academic guidance.
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    I third Axler too. His book is short, so some people might think he omitted some other important concepts that should be covered in a second linear algebra course, but I think the book does a really good job tackling linear algebra with rigor. His writing style was great, proofs were pretty clear, and there were plenty of challenging (but good) problems in the book as well.
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    While I definitely second all the Axler recommendations, I would also like to add Roman's "Advanced Linear Algebra." It's a grad textbook, so it's very dense and encyclopedic, but the first and second chapter (and third if you're interested) cover what you want in exceptional rigor.
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    Luckily for you, there are lots of great books on linear algebra.

    Linear Algebra Done Right by Shelden Axler

    And perhaps complement that by

    Linear Algebra- Shilov (a Dover) (Note: This was the first Linear algebra book that I learned from)

    I like both books a lot.

    A book from a algebraic perspective which I also adore is

    Advanced Linear Algebra- Roman
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    Also, Linear Algebra by Peter Lax is great (but expensive).
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    Linear Algebra Done Wrong, by Sergei Treil might just be what you're looking for:
    Not only does it look great but it's FREE:

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