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Seeking physics advice for a math major

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    I am a senior math major, I really like mathematical analysis (I even enjoy working nasty integrals involving special function and the like.) So I would like to take a physics class which would exploit such maths; I have taken the standard undergard calc based physics sequence, viz. mechanics, E&M, optics+thermo+intro modern physics (special relativity + wave mechanics a.k.a. quantum).

    What can I handle?

    PS: I know this doesn't belong here...
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    Assuming you can get into them with just general physics as prerequisite, check out Electricity & Magnetism and Quantum Mechanics. E&M is heavy on vector calculus (divergence, gradient, curl, line and surface integrals), whereas QM is heavy on differential equations (ordinary and partial).
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    When you say you've taken the regular undergrad calc based physics sequence, are you referring to a one year sequence covering all of those topics? Or did you take say Jr level level EM and Mechanics? I originally suggested taking the Graduate Electrodynamics course assuming you had the math background, but I made this suggestion thinking you had taken an EM course. I don't think I could recommend that much of a jump even if the math skills were there.
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