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Seeking some guidance about what to study in College.

  1. Jun 4, 2010 #1
    Hello Everyone!

    I'm still in High School and I guess its a bit early for me to ask such a question but I wanted to be a bit more sound about some things. I'm in the 11th Grade and I'm studying Physics, Chemistry, Math, Computers and English. I'm confused about what study in college.

    I'm extremely interested in Cosmology, Maths, Computers and Economics(having studied it for two years and having read countless non-course books side by side.)

    I know I have a rather varied range of interests, but my aim, like 'almost' everyones aim is to make money and retire comfortably so I can devote time to my hobbies. What I'm trying to imply by this is that- I want to make a lot of money, possible work on the Wall St.

    Can anyone advise me on what to do in college, a degree which is focuses on most of my interests? I know I cannot do everything at once and I may have to make a decision at one point, but if someone could just give me an idea about what is in hold for me in the future.

    I ask this question because I am 'completely' blank about the future. I'd be glad to have at least a vague idea of what options are open for me in the future with such interests.

    I would also like to make this point clear that not all of Physics appeals to me. It is more of Quantum Physics and Cosmology that awes me.

    Any ideas/answers/suggestions will be extremely welcome!

    Thank You. :)
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    In high school, you're not even exposed to the exciting things in all fields of physics to be able to decide. Right now, you should just enjoy what you're doing, read and learn as much as possible, and explore your interests in science. You have a lot of time to figure out your specialization.

    There is a thread on this forum about pursuing a PhD in Physics and then getting into the stock market, or a career in quantitative finance. You should read it to see what perspectives have been offered by more mature, experienced people.

    Having said that, if your eventual aim is to make a lot of money fast, the only utility of higher education would be some 'standing' in society and a few lines on your resume. You might be better off (in this case) with a background in business or finance. Physicists are hired in the stockmarket more for their mathematical and computational abilities than their physics research prowess. twofish-quant can tell you more about this, in a better way.
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    If you like science and math, and also would like to make money and have a comfortable life, I suggest you consider studying engineering. There are many good engineering jobs out there where you are well paid and can contribute to society in a positive way. In my opinion, we have too many people in the finance industry, who don't really make a positive contribution to society. I personally studied electrical engineering and found it to be a lucrative and rewarding career path.
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    My suggestion is don't worry about it because when you hit your mid-life crisis, you'll end up wanting to change something anyway. Study what interests you, and everything else will fall in place.
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