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Selecting conductors for transmission line 132kv 100MW 95km

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    Hello dears

    i want to know which is best for 132kv transmission line. advantages and disadvantages as in prectical use. but also consider economical factor wisely . what you chose if you are in my place...

    ACSR Conventional
    AAAC ( All Aluminium Alloy Conductors )
    ACCC Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (if i say most high tech and best ?)

    thanks ..
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    I think you should google "power transmission design handbook" There are many things to consider. Only a few can readily be discussed in an online forum such as this.
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    You could look online at the procedures of a power distribution company

    for example these are the procedures of UK Power Networks, for 132 kV O/H, which you can find online

    ENA TS 43-1 to 43-9 (steel towers)
    ENA TS 43-50 (wooden poles)

    you might want to look at the procedures of other network operators, like SSE, to compare.
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    Neduet, would you please share with us why you are asking this question? 132 kV and 100 MW represents lethal voltage and power levels, and should only be dealt with by professionals. As a rule, on Physics Forums we do not give advice on how to do dangerous things.
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    haha. ok. well . i am new in transmission construction company as learning tour. . so i like to understand . what is what. and what other doing as transmission constructor professional. its just for learning only .
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    can you suggest any best book for only construction design ?
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    The company you mention will have their own procedures that will have been drawn up to stasify the relevent codes and laws.

    The best people to talk to will be the linesmen that build and maintain the lines for the company - if they don't know it, it probably isn't worth asking.

    They should have manuals that cover every inch of the company procedures.

    The managers will have procedures regarding procurement and equipment and materials selection.
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    ok. :smile:

    forget all things , just choose between ACCC and ACSR. based on economical vs all other factors. :rolleyes:
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