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Self study plan for understanding nutritional processes

  1. Jul 11, 2010 #1
    I've got a good background in physics and math. I'm interested in getting a decent foundation in chemistry/biology with an eye towards understanding nutrition (for starters). (I've been out of school for years.)

    From browsing course requirements, it seems like I'll need: organic chemistry, molecular biology, then biochemistry. From there, I should have the necessary pre-reqs for jumping into the nutritional texts.

    Is this reasonable? Am I missing anything?

    So far I'm working thru Clayden (et al) Organic Chem. Then I plan to move to Albert's (et al) Molecular Biology of the Cell. Then probably Voet/Voet for Biochem.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
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    More than enough. Many of the "nutritionists" I have talked to know next to nothing about the associated biochemistry.
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    Many nutritionists also seem to know next to nothing about proper nutrition, barring parrotting long busted myths :)
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