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Selling books online and shipping

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    (In the United States anyway).

    When you sell books online, what methods do you use? How much do you pay? Do you use media mail? Flat rate boxes?

    I am selling some textbooks I'm no longer using, and I'm kind of clueless about this sort of thing. I've been going to a UPS store that does USPS. They are extremely helpful and friendly, but today I was charged $7.00 shipping for media mail for a textbook. (It's Rotman's group theory - kind of heavy, but is it THAT heavy?).

    I think the post office might be slightly further away but they will probably be grumpier and expect I already know what I'm doing. If you know you are selling stuff online, do you save money by buying a few mailers ahead of time and perhaps printing your own labels?

    -Dave K
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    Oh, so you all just keep all your books.

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    Yep. Maybe you should reconsider. :devil:
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    Sorry, I have never sold my books. Right now I am, in my boring time, re-reading the calculus one :smile:. And practicing the exercises again.
    UPS doing USPS?

    I am confused now. USPS is United States Postal Service. UPS is another shipping entity... I don't get it.

    Yes, postal offices, in my experience, have a lot of traffic. They are just not into informing the client. They just expect you to know.
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    It's a special time. One volume of Hungerford bought me two containers of Similac baby formula...

    It's a UPS "store" so they do all kinds of shipping services including regular postal.

    I just wish they were more...gruntled..
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    I go to two US post offices, a small one near my house and a large one by the airport. They are both staffed by friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people.
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