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Homework Help: Semi-holonomic constraints (analytical mechanics)

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    m equations of semi-holonomic constraints can be put in the form:


    but "commonly appears in the restricted form:

    [tex]\Sigma[/tex]aikdqk +aitdt = 0

    (i,k,t preceded by "a" should appear in subscript and the sum is over k)

    I don't understand this form. what are the coefficients aik and ait? can they be functions of q or q dot?
    I don't understand how is it possible for these two equations to be equivalent.
    consider for example the following equation of a non-holonomic constraint: q1^2+q2dot=0
    what would the second form of this equation look like? :confused:
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    sorry for the last post (couldn't delete it for some reason)... I was confused, but now I realize the second equation is not exactly equivalent to the first, but represents only a special case which is quite common.
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    I don't think you can delete the first post in a new thread.

    Also, have you taken a look at the Latex tutorial? It's an easy way to display equations.
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    now I have, thanks:smile:
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