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Sending a rocket into space 75% less fuel.

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    So I have been thinking and there's probably a good reason why it doesn't exist already but i'll go ahead and share my idea here on the forums. How about making something similar to the hadron collider but the tube that runs underground is capable of housing the space shuttle. It sits on rail tracks and inside the tunnel are high power magnetics that repell each other in a V shape. So imagine like this.

    When the space shuttle passes through the magnets it gets a boost because the magnetics push the shuttle in a forwards direction. The magnetics form a solid uninteruppted forwards push and the space shuttle has no option but to gain speed.

    It goes round in a huge circle on rails constantly gaining speed. Once it reaches say 10,000mph the track changes and it goes in a straight line and very slowly the track bends upwards until it's vertical, then when it reaches the exit point it's travelling at 10,000mph and heading right for the stars :)

    Then as soon as it leaves the exit point it's engines ignite and we go to the moon for 75% less fuel.

    It sounds like a really dreamy idea but as it stands I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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