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Medical Sensations in body due to emotions

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    I know I'm not the only one who really has felt anything like this. If you ever get that feeling that runs through your body that you are being watched or your skin crawls. Being one who listens to a lot of music if I relax I usually get great sensations that go through my body. The music obviously triggers it because I love the music so much, but what exactly is going on here. I would guess it is some kind of electrical impluse sent through the nervous system but why do we get it? I have also noticed when I feel it go through my whole body I can feel it actually moving. I'm guessing that this would be the speed at which the signals are sent through the body or something which I know has been determined but I can't seem to find. I'm basically trying to understand what this sensation is and why it occurs. Maybe the chemicals involved that trigger it, (if any) and anything else about it.
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    At one time our lifes depended on getting those feelings. Endorphins more then likely jump start the feelings.
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    Do these feeling have any emotional of physical effects. I noticed that they can be there when bad feelings are present and also when good feelings are.
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