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Sensors for HHO dry-cell performance monitoring

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    Hello All,

    i am working on an HHO dry-cell project for which i need to decide upon the sensors to be used in monitoring the process parameters.

    1. some sensor for monitoring and displaying the electrolyte level in the bubbler during experiment.

    2. some sensor for monitoring the electrolyte level in the dry-cell.this is very critical.although i have made 2mm holes in the SS 316 L plates(anode,cathode and neutral) in bottom zig-zag arrangement to allow for equal flow and equal leveling of electroylte in each cell.i still need to ensure that this is achieved..what should i do for that? unequal electrolyte level in cells will certainly overheat them.

    3. do i need a digital pressure sensor? where do i installl it?i intend to buy a flow/rotameter too.intially will measure the HHO flow rate by displacement method(in the water tub and 1 litre bottle) and have maximum readings for one configuration/experiment. will compare the rotamter readings with this conventional method to find the correction factor and will key that in MS EXCEL.so that this should relief me from performing the displacement method for all those experiment i perform..

    4. what sensor to use for reading and monitoring the dry-cell temperature?

    Please suggest the appropriate sensors for each .sensors with a digital display would be preferable.

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