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Calculus Serge Lang vs Larson & Edwards (Calculus)

  1. Mar 15, 2015 #1
    I have a copy of both Lang's text and Larson and Edwards' text, and was wondering which would be best for someone looking for a deeper understanding of Calculus. Any and all advice is welcome here! I was working through Kleppner & Kolenkow's Introduction to Mechanics and decided I need a much more thorough understanding of Calculus if I was to get the full effect. Thanks in advance!
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  3. Mar 16, 2015 #2
    I've heard good things about Lang's book, but never used it myself. What calculus book(s) have you completed so far? If you have access to a library, you may want to try Apostol or Spivak, both are very strong choices, if you're not pushed away by math lingo. Spivak is easier in terms of dryness; connects a lot with real analysis. Apostol is very methodical, although kind of dry. Apostol has 2nd tome for multivar, Spivak has Calculus on Manifolds. From there on you can go to Rudin. Either way, I suggest to sample as many as you can and find one which talks to you; it will help a great deal.
  4. Mar 16, 2015 #3
    Just remembered, there is also Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Baos, for the science audience.
  5. Mar 17, 2015 #4
    I've heard of both Apostol and Spivak, but have been told that they are books you should go to AFTER you've established a pretty strong foundation - not books you go to to establish that foundation. I haven't "completed" a textbook yet; what I've learned, I've learned from several sources. Mostly from my Larson/Edwards text and MIT videos. I'm enjoying Lang so far, though!
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