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Setting a personal homepage in Mozilla?

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    How can I set my own homepage in the Moziila internet browser?
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    Tools -> Options -> General

    You should see it then.

    Note: I am guessing you are using firefox; if not, something similar should work.
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    My Mozilla looks closer to Netscape although I don't know what firefox is.

    In Tools I don't have an option.
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    The Mozilla browser is an all in one. It includes Browser+Mail. What has happened is that this package has been broken up. Firefox is the browser and Thunderbird is the Mail Client. Both Firefox and Thunderbird are being actively developed while the all in one package has been somewhat disbanded.

    You can find Firefox and Thunderbird here:

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    Try this:

    http://www.passtheshareware.com [of course change this to your desired home page]
    into the address bar of Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

    --When you arrive at Passtheshareware.com, left click and press down on the icon that's just to the left of the "http" in the address bar -towards the top of your browser.

    --As you are left clicking and pressing down, drag the icon over to the "house" that's to the left of the icon and address bar.

    --Now, release and let go of the icon as you drop it into (on top of) the house.

    --A box will appear that asks you if you want our website to be your home page or start page.

    --Click YES!

    Source: http://www.passtheshareware.com/note.htm [Broken]

    Also, unless you really like mozilla, you might as well use firefox. www.mozilla.com

    edit... looks like dduardo beat me to it :smile:
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    Thanks, it worked.
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