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Homework Help: Setting up the differential equations on a moving slope.

  1. Dec 3, 2015 #1
    We have a slope, which has a M mass and a particle with m mass. There are no friction forces between the slope and the ground nor with the particle. The question is, how can i set up the differential equations to get t time. The slope has an h height and an angle of alpha with the ground.

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    I did get the transitions of the slope's and the particle's.
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    Draw free body diagram for each. List the forces. Assign variables for the unknowns (positions at time t). Write out the ##\Sigma F=ma## equations.
    For the position of the mass, you need to decide whether to work in terms of position relative to the wedge or relative to the ground. Either way, you need to express in an equation the fact that the mass stays in contact with the slope.
    Please post your working as far as you get.
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