Sheriff Clarence Dupnik: A Hero for Our Times

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In summary, the conversation discusses Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's stance on the recent Arizona shooting and his opinions on illegal immigration. He is known for his criticism of Arizona's tough immigration law and his refusal to enforce it due to concerns about racial profiling. However, he also believes that taxpayer money should not be used to cater to illegal immigrants. There is currently a campaign to recall Dupnik, led by an anti-immigration group from Utah, which has sparked controversy and protests. Dupnik, who has been in law enforcement for 50 years, may face an interesting challenge in light of these events.
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EDIT: I agree with Dupnik's opinion on the recent Arizona shooting issue. The stance he took on the Arizona immigration law and on the illegal immigrants is impressive.

"We were taught to respect authority, and parents and, basically, everything," he said. "And, in my opinion, that's one of the most basic things that has changed in our society: People don't have much respect for anything.

The sheriff is widely known for calling Arizona's tough immigration law "racist" because he said it required local law enforcement to engage in racial profiling. He refused to enforce it.

But when it comes to illegal immigrants, he doesn't have complete sympathy.
"It's wrong for the taxpayers in this country to spend the millions and millions and millions of dollars that we do catering" to illegal immigrants, he was quoted this week in The New York Times as saying.
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I think this thread was motivated by" [Broken].

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There is a campaign to recall Dupnik because of his comments on vitriol in the media.

Ironically it is led by an anti immigration group from Utah??

Clarence Dupnik is an old fashioned law man. At age 75 he has been in law enforcement for 50 years. He has been Sheriff for so long because he seldom had an opponent in the elections.

This may get interesting. The Arizona Tea Party Patriots are supposed to protest in front of his office this week.
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