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Shortest distance between lines .

  1. May 2, 2009 #1
    shortest distance between lines.....

    how to find the shortest distance and the equation between the lines
    (x-6)/3=(y-7)/-1=(z-4)/1 &
    (x)/-3=(y+9)/2=(z-2)/4 ....... pls help by solving it
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    Re: shortest distance between lines.....

    This looks an awful lot like homework- in which case
    1) It belongs in the homework section.
    2) It wouldn't help you for some one else to solve it.

    Now, first can you determine whether these lines intersect (in which case the answer is trivial), are parallel (in which case the answer is fairly easy), or are skew (in which case the answer is a little more difficult).
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    Re: shortest distance between lines.....

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