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Should I add physics as a second major?

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    I'm currently doing mechanical engineering and doing pretty well in it. Adding physics would require me to take 18 credits a couple semesters but it's pretty doable for me. I plan to go to graduate school for nuclear engineering. Would this idea be advisable or should I simply take additional math and physics classes and what should they be?
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    The NE program at Ohio State was pretty self-contained, as long you understood basic concepts relating to differential equations and vector analysis (for transport theory). A nuclear physics class wouldn't hurt, though. The biggest hurdle was the thermo class which was nothing like stat mech.
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    If one can handle the load/work, then yes, I strongly encourage a adding the physics. Engineers should take as many physics courses as possible.
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    I'm really trying to understand both the practical aspects of reactor design and the physics behind it all. What physics classes specifically would you recommend if I can not do the full major?
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