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Should I consider a career in physics?

  1. Jan 7, 2016 #1

    My question is the bottom paragraph and the first is a VERY detailed description of my scenario.

    I'm a grade 11 student getting around a 70% in physics. I really love physics in particular quantum mechanics but I make alot of stupid mistakes (most resently not thinking about the conservation of energy when solving a situation on a one question test) and this discourages me from wanting to procede with a physics education. I spend my lunch period aswell as lots of time at home familiarizing myself with QM. I know I should focus on classical mechanics but I just dont find it interesting and have a hard time enjoying the learning process.

    If im not good at physics but enjoy learning it should I continue? Any advise us greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Jonah
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    Yes, continue. Learn to study properly to learn what topics are currently being taught to you. If you feel you must spend your lunch time studying, then study what you are trying to learn for your classes and topics that you have right now. Also, understand that "lunch time" is really supposed to be for LUNCH and some resting, relaxing, and visiting. Spend a few lunch times actually eating lunch.
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