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Math Should I continue in physics or go to applied mathematics?

  1. Aug 8, 2011 #1
    I just finished the 1st year of physics licenciate (equivalent to bachelor's). I came to physics only with the intent to be a researcher in physics, I never even considered other jobs physics allowed to have. But I always knew the only thing I liked about physics was the mathematical theory, its applications didn't interest me at all and even bored me.
    But I'm not so interested even in theoretical physics anymore (I know I haven't seen anything of theoretical physics in the 1st year, but I don't have the urge to know nor the interest I had in the beggining) , and even though I realize that interest can change over the next 2 years of the licenciate, it can also not change.

    Because of this, I need to consider the other jobs possibilities. But I don't see anything a physicist could do that interests me... I think I don't like physics anymore, and that's what also makes me wonder why I should stay in physics...

    On the other hand, applied mathematicians can work in finance very easily (and have a good income) and do theoretical work, like building models. While physicists can do this too, much of physicists jobs is to work on experimental physics and technology, which I don't care for. Applied mathematics is a more sure way of going to finance or to do more theoretical work, while if I stay in physics I might have to accept jobs that don't interest me...

    I'm in this undecision for a month now, I've spoken to many physics and mathematics teachers at my university and I still can't decide... Is it worth it to change to applied mathematics, or should I keep in physics and maybe do a minor in mathematics or choose mathematics disciplines in the 3rd year? Please help me, in 1 week I think I won't be able to change to applied mathematics anymore because of the date terms....
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    Re: Should I continue in physics or go to applied matematics?

    Or both, as in computational physics - modeling and simulation, particularly multiphysics modeling and simulation.
  4. Aug 12, 2011 #3
    Sounds like you would rather do applied math, so do that.
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    Do something helpful (applied). Don't bs yourself and think you're Einstein.
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