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Should I finish my dual degree in 4.5 years or in 5 years

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    It seems I can finish my dual degree in EE/physics in 3 more semesters and be out after a total of 4.5 years with a dual degree in EE and physics with a minor in chemistry. However, these last three semesters will be a rather heavy course load of 18 credits per semester. The other option is to be out of here in 5 years with the same dual degree in EE and physics, but with slightly less course load the last couple semesters and I will also take a couple more semesters of control systems, which is a subject I am immensely interested in (I hope to take a digital control course and a process control course), a solid state tech course (which is also of interest to me and is it is why I am dual majoring in EE/phys...but I think I can fit this course into the 4.5 year plan), and hopefully a second 4 credit directed study in classical E&M (I've already taken one 4 credit emag course and it was immensely interesting to me.

    So, for someone that might like to go to grad school to study control systems (if I pursue the engineering side of things) or solid state electronics or maybe photonics (if I pursue "physicsy" engineering side of things.....btw, I am taking a photonics course right now), what is a better choice? should I just get done in 4.5 years and move on to grad school, or should I spread things out a little bit more over 5 years and take a couple additional courses of my interest.

    My ultimate goal is to attend a graduate program...whether I go to the physics side or the engineering side is unknown as both are currently very interesting to me. Will graduate school be impressed by someone with a dual degree in EE/physics and will they appreciate the extra coursework?

    FYI, my GPA is currently a 3.4, but I hope to get it up to a 3.7 by the time I graduate. So, which option will make me more competitive in grad school admissions?
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    As long as you don't fail your extra coursework classes..I don't see how they could hurt you.
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    Well...why the minor in chemistry? Is it just because it's like only one extra course or something? It seems that if you really want to go all out on EE/Physics then chemistry might be a thing to drop. Unless, it really is a negligible addon.
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    I was previously a chemistry major and took lots of chemistry classes.
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    Well I don't know what more to say, except that I'm going to be doing a double major in EE + Physics/Computer Science and most professors I've asked about it have been particularly positive about the opportunities from those degrees...
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