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Should I get a masters in geology?

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    I'm currently living in Canada and about to enter University, i'm wondering about if I should consider going into this. I was wondering if someone could give me some help and tell me what the industry is like and if there are future job possiblities. Also wondering how much they usually make with a masters or with a pHD.
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    It's a good field, especially if you live somewhere like Alberta. Salary can be fairly high...

    I know a guy that got his BSc. in Geology from the University of Alberta, and started at 66k/year, and is up to 85k after 3 years. He's supposed to be up to 100k soon. He's working in the oil business; that's where the money is with Geology.

    With MSc or PhD, it really depends. MSc. will likely make a bit more than a BSc., and will get a higher level job, but I'm not positive on a PhD.

    It's fairly interesting, but there isn't a lot of math or physics to it. A lot of memorization.


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    If you're going into Geology don't neglect your summer field studies. Start early and try to do at least 2 if not 3 before you finish undergrad. You won't find much work without practical experience.
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