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Should I go into aerospace engineering or quantum physics?

  1. Mar 9, 2012 #1
    The titular question is quite straightforward. I'm going for an honours bachelors in physics and I'm considering going for a masters in one of those fields. I don't know how well Hbsc Phys transfers to aerospace engineering, and I'm also unsure what type of branches of quantum I could go into. So any help on that, or simply an opinion on the original question (with valid reasoning) would be awesome.
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    You're more likely to get a job with the aerospace engineering degree, and it's more likely to pay well. You'd need a PhD to do research in quantum mechanics, and not a lot of places are going to pay you to be a theoretical physicist (which is probably what you had in mind).
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    I don't know if you can get in to graduate school for aerospace engineering with a physics degree, you may want to ask your university first if this is possible.

    Are you still in school, or what year of university are you in? Have you done courses in quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics and some sort of materials science course, because the last two are mostly what aerospace engineering will be about. If not, then how do you know you will enjoy studying these things as a graduate student? Generally people only start figuring out toward the end of their degree what they would like to study in grad school, because by then you know something of the different fields you could go in to.
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