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Courses Should I self-study Calc III before taking the course?

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    So I have some free time this summer and was wondering if it would help to review topics from Several Variable Calculus (I believe its called calc III in most places?) before taking the class. I havent taken calc with a lot of integrals in a year now because my freshman year in college i took a class that was for people who got a 5 on the AP calc AB exam which covered the BC portion focusing on series, differential equations, and complex numbers. Then I took Linear Algebra second semester. So im signed up for several variable calc next semester but I really want to do well and my school is very challenging. Would it be helpful to start going over material now?
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    I. Studying Calculus III now would be a very good idea as preparation for enrolling in it in the Fall - unless you are weak in Calculus II, in which case;
    II. Restudying Calculus II now would be a very good idea, and you could begin studying some of the beginning parts of Calculus III as you have time before starting it officially in the Fall.
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    make sure you're really confident about trig derivatives and basic trig integrals. i was out of calc II for a year before i took calc III, and those nearly killed me.
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    Studying something in advance can't hurt you (in most cases), but it is not required. What I found hard in Calc 3 is not knowing how to deal with 3d space. So getting intuitive notions of say 3d graphs, multiple integrals, and partial derivatives would help. Depending on how much theory they teach, it can be on of the hardest courses.
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    no need . its not hard to pick it up as you go along and just asdk ur teech if u dont understand a concept. take your time to enjoy summer!

    although what i would recommend u to do is review, not preview. know polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates.
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    I found the only thing from Calc II that I used in Calc III was integration by parts and some parametric and polar equations.
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