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Engineering Should I take grade 12 biology for engineering?

  1. Nov 16, 2012 #1
    Right now, I'm in grade 12 and already have my courses chosen, but I chose to take a data management math course instead of biology. I don't doubt I'll enjoy the math class, as I'm interested in stats, but will not having biology close doors for me? I still haven't decided on what branch of engineering I want to go in to (I'll probably take TrackOne at UofT), but what if I want to design medical technology as a mechanical engineer and don't know biology?
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    Hey man, I see you must know of Canadian schools since your looking at UofT! I'm an engineering student at Queen's which has a general first year, equivilant to the first year program UofT's offers with track one.

    Dropping Biology will close no doors for you. Most of the engineering done on biological systems is more focused on what you are designing than the biological side whatsoever. For example, if you were trying to design an artificial arortia valve, you would only need to know as much in biology that would effect your design (such as plauge buildup on your system, bone/ cartilige forming on it, etc). Bio would give you a bit of a better understanding of how the body works, but trust me, the more math you can learn now, the better. I really regret not learning integrals before first year. That should be your priorities over bio.

    So don't sweat it that you dropped bio. I dropped it too, and I still could have went into bio-mech engineering if i wanted. All the required bio you will need you will learn in university.

    Also, I remember that data management was an EASY course. Take it as a mark booster, because as I remember when I applied that the cutoff for my program was 88 (and my average was 88.6%!).

    Hope this helped, if you have any other questions just ask!
  4. Nov 17, 2012 #3
    Thanks for the reply, glad to hear that math is more important :D. Maybe I'll see you in Queens next year, I still can't decide what university I want to go to - probably going to apply to everything and see what sticks lol.
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