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Siemens fc10 to compare 2 strings

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    I'm scanning a code from each box to compare and see if the box scanned is a "good" box. The whole code is about 21 bytes and I only want to compare 9 bytes since those 9 bytes differentiate between the 2 types of box. I created (2) 9-byte strings in DB98, string1[9] starts at 0.0 and string2[9] starts at 12.00.
    I entered 9 "good" characters in the initial value column for string2. String 1's value will be read from the scanner. FC10 is used to compare the two strings. The problem is that the results are always equal(true) doesn't matter which boxes was scanned !!! In the VAT table, string2's first character which is 0 actually starts at db98.dbb 14, not 12. According to Siemens help file, the first byte in a string is to show maximum length of the string, the second byte shows the actual string length. HELP !!! is there any suggestion on how to correctly solve my problem? Thank you
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    Since nobody has replied yet, I'm guessing that none of us are familiar with the system and tools that you are using. I'd still like to help, so if you can provide a pointer or explain what DB98, FC10, VAT, etc. pertain to, perhaps I can be of help.
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