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Signal processing and data correction

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    Is it possible to perform some form of data correction by finding the variance/std dev and covariance?

    I have a bunch data all related to a specific observation. For test purposes, i have 1000 samples of each data for certain condition.
    I can find the covariance between each data under this condition. So lets say i have 1000 values related to same condition (1000 samples for each value, then avg), i will then have a 1000x1000 covariance matrix with each diagonal being the variance for that data

    Value A,B,C,D,E....AAZ
    Each value is sampled 1000 times, then avg, find error and covariance

    Lets say in the future i take reading for the same condition, is it possible to perform some form of data correction? Maybe with noise the information becomes distorted but by looking or comparing the noise with previous test samples the information can be corrected.

    Any thought or help be appreciated.
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    i would suggest bringing this to the USENET newsgroup: comp.dsp.

    you may have to be a little more clear about your question, but that's what's good about comp.dsp, it forces a discipline upon posters with questions to frame those questions in such a way that they can understand wha it is.
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