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Signal Processing Graduate Schools

  1. Apr 8, 2013 #1
    I'm a junior electrical engineer at a NY state school I'm looking to get my masters in EE with a specialization in signal processing. What are the best graduate schools for this?

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    well, "Signal Processing" itself is a very broad topic area itself. nearly any decent graduate program in Electrical Engineering has, among others, a topic emphasis in DSP. but if your interest is in Communications, or Control Theory, or Media (audio, video, speech, image processing), Information theory, Biomedical, Aerospace, Defense,... knowing that might help you decide.
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    Yeah I think it's between media and info theory
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    so how high are you aiming? Stanford? MIT?

    there are plenty of other decent grad schools.
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    Yeah I wouldn't say Stanford or MIT, but some of the other top ones.
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