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Automotive Significance of snap rings in a turbo

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    Why are snap rings used in turbocharger core assembly ,and how important are they ?
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    Hmmmmm. Sorry if this sounds like a smart a$$ answer but if they are there I am sure it is for a good reason. Like to hold it together?
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    They hold bearings in place and are easily installed. Rods/shafts have to be passed through casings and turbo internals before the bearings can be installed, so the best way to hold bearings in one spot is to use snap rings.

    They are very important.
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    You have already heard good answers. Snap rings are cheap and effective means of holding such things as bearings and seals in place.

    But a general comment about turbo machinery is probably in order. Two things cost probably the most in the design phase. They are how things change dimensions with heat and stress, and vibration. Often, at least part of the solution to these concerns will involve a snap ring rather than some other retention device.
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    Snap rings that hold the housings together or snap rings that hold the bearings?
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    well i happened to see a turbo being assembled ..thats where i saw snap rings ..what material are they made of ..and do you mean to hold together the journal bearings ?
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    On my 3000gt VR4, they hold the cold side compressor housing on as well as the bearings.
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