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Homework Help: Simulation with Multisim problem!

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    This is the value after i calculate ,but use multisim to simulate this circuit,i get a answer different completely with the calculate answer.Example the Vout,also is most importent value,the calculate answer is -2.1V,but the answer of simulation is possitive value!y will like this?It i use the wrong way?The value of Vin the lacturer want us input 0V,so i connect to ground.I have attached the msm file of multisim and the graph with answer i calculate,wish got ppl can help me....most important is can let the Vout same with value of calculate,equal -2.1V.thank you very much....

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    Why cant i download your Circuit.zip
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    http://nightkid86.t35.com/circuit2.zip" [Broken]
    then u try this,i upload to other hosting.Thank you very much...
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    can ah!i try download liao,can be download....
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