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Single electron transistor at high-temperature

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    From Ck=[{e^(-Scl)*gamma(N+1)*gamma(N+1+u)}/{gamma(1+u)}]/[{gamma(N+1+a-k)*gamma(N+1+b-k)}/{gamma(1+a-k)*gamma(1+b-k)}]

    How to prove Ck=[e^(-Scl)*{gamma(1+a-k)*gamma(1+b-k)}]/{gamma(1+u)}

    to get Ck=[{gamma(1+a)*gamma(1+b)}/{gamma^2(1+k)*gamma(1+u)}]*e^(Scl)?

    by u=[g*Beta*Ec]/[2*(pi)^2]

    where the correction of order 1/N may be ignored. Employing the definition of the gamma function ; gamma(N+1+a)=(N+a)(N+a-1)...(1+a)a!
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    Your post looks like nonsense or trolling to me. What does the body of your post have to do with the title of your thread? You need to provide a lot more explanatory details to make this thread make sense, IMO.
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