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Sites where I can purchase small quantities of components?

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    Does anyone know of any sites where I can buy components like ICs or off-the-shelf stuff like resistors and capacitors in small amounts (<10, for example?). The only one I know of is jameco.com, and they don't have one of the ICs I'm looking for (LM2678T-12). Any others?
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    I think the minimum order is around $25 for Digikey and Mouser, which would be pretty good.

    Guess I should add mail order distributors to the stickie at the top of the EE forum. Any others I should add?
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    Mouser is a good source. The downside is that a couple of times a year, you will get a catalog bigger than a library dictionary showing up in your mailbox.

    OK, not a downside to people working on modern stuff! I repaired, restored, rebuilt, and cloned old guitar tube amps, and I needed to be able to stock up on resistors, capacitors, etc, and Mouser was the best source for that.

    Radio Slack has lost that ability, and was always more expensive anyway. If I HAD to hit RS for parts, I always felt bad about giving them my money, because I knew how affordable those components were on the open market. I don't mind paying 2-10x the going rate for a component when I need it, but RS was selling stuff (per item) that I could get from Mouser per 100 at the same price.
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    Those two would be at the top of the list, I suppose. www.newark.com[/URL] is another.

    Are you thinking of including just places that have a large selection, like Digikey, Mouser and Newark? Or smaller places also, like [url]www.allelectronics.com[/url]?

    You might want to add a note about Digikey's excellent parts search feature too.
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    It's also a lot of fun to purchase system level assemblies. Spark fun is a good place for this. Also, if you live near a major city, there are usually stores that specialize in electronic parts. I personally like Tanner's Electronics near Dallas.
    The killer for me is shipping charges and travel, so I like to choose a good selection of parts in advance, and stock them. It's also proven helpful to rely on programmable logic rather than logic ICs.

    - Mike
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    Another thing that makes thing easier is if you know people from your area who are into electronics. This way, you buy components together and save on shipping. Also, if you need just one or two of something, you can call them if they have it (a specific resistor, for instance).
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    If you need leds try superbrightleds.com, they basically have everything you need.
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