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Name of tool and where i can buy

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    Hi people, I am looking for a tool which enables you to position pin extensions cables on any given IC of any size and number of pins, ie you can wind up or down the pin separation length accordingly and then have the extensions connected to a control board which you can label each input output to enable me to get a "hands on" feel for the IC's functionality and perform experimentation with other components and different configurations etc

    i dont know what this thing is called or where i get it and i just cannot be bother going all davinci and designing on when my current topic of interest is electronics
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    It's not entirely clear what you are looking for. What kind of ICs do you want to experiment with? What kind of packages are they in? Through-hole, surface mount, etc.?

    You may be asking about breadboards like this:


    And if you want to experiment with surface-mount ICs, you may be able to use "Surfboards" to convert from SMT to through-hole so you can still use that breadboard:


    Or, you may be asking about IC Adapters, like the ones made by Emulation Technology Inc.:

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