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Sizing a CSTR for transesterification reaction

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    I need to size a CSTR for the transesterification of tri-glycerides into methyl esters (bio-diesel) by reaction with methanol and NaOH catalyst.

    The transesterification reaction taken place in 3 reversible steps:
    TG + CH3OH <--> DG + ME
    DG + CH3OH <--> MG + ME
    MG + CH3OH <--> C3H8O3 + ME

    Where: TG = Triglyceride DG = Di-Glyceride MG = Monoglyceride ME = Methyl Esters

    I have the reaction rate constants for each of the forward and reverse reactions, however, i'm stuck there.
    I know how to size a multi-step CSTR or a reversible reaction CSTR but not a combination of the two.

    Please help!
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    Let's see your mass balance equations for all the species in the reactor
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