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  1. M

    Second order reaction, conversion in a CSTR

    Homework Statement We have a second order reaction: A + B → C + D with -rA = k[A][ B] [A]0 = [ B]0 = 300 mol / m3; τ = 11 minutes. k = 4.0 × 10-4 m3 / (mol × minutes) What is the conversion in a CSTR?Homework Equations I think: τ = ([A]0 - [A]1) / -rA,1 τ = (XA × [A]0) / -rA,1 But since I...
  2. J

    Conversion in equal volume CSTR and PFR

    Hello I've been working on a problem that involves finding which reaction order gives a greater conversion for a CSTR over a PFR (Xcstr>Xpfr). I was able to solve the mass balance for each reactor, finding: and Allowing us to equate them. This is where I've been stuck for a while now, how...
  3. U

    I Why is first TD law different for chemical reactors

    I've learned that first thermodynamic law for some open system is in the form of: where total change of system energy ##\frac{\partial E}{\partial \tau }## is equal to the transferred heat and work. Total change of system energy ##\frac{\partial E}{\partial \tau }## is equal to the energy...
  4. Dong Aleta

    Can someone identify what this graph is used for?

    Hi, I was asked by my senior to find out what this graph is and how to use it. No details were given as to where they found it. I know already that this is used to compare CSTRs and PFRs performance for first order reactions, but I can't deduce what the expressions Dd/(vxL) and kL/vx are for...
  5. J

    Sizing a CSTR for transesterification reaction

    Hi, I need to size a CSTR for the transesterification of tri-glycerides into methyl esters (bio-diesel) by reaction with methanol and NaOH catalyst. The transesterification reaction taken place in 3 reversible steps: TG + CH3OH <--> DG + ME DG + CH3OH <--> MG + ME MG + CH3OH <--> C3H8O3 + ME...
  6. A

    PFR with axial dispersion - CSTR in series conversion?

    Homework Statement Here is the problem description: Develop an Excel file that given a set of data from an RTD pulse injection will determine the model parameters of the following schematics, and then predict the conversion in a CONTINUOUS reactor with a n-order reaction (where n is not equal...
  7. P

    CSTR Pressure Relief Valve: Liquid Phase Reactions

    There is a liquid phase homogeneous reaction going on in an CSTR, which operates at 4 atm. Is it necessary to have pressure relief valve? If so, what will be vent out when the pressure exceeds, since it contains liquid only?
  8. P

    How Do I Calculate the Height and Diameter of My CSTR Reactor?

    I have obtained the volume of my CSTR, how do I calculate the height and diameter of it? Is there a certain ratio to adhere to for better mixing? Tried reading up the rules of thumbs but no info on that. Tried searching other books too but to no avail.
  9. P

    How to maintain commercial scale CSTR temperature?

    I'm currently doing a design for my final year studies and it's regarding esterification process. My proposed reactor is CSTR, operating at a temperature of 60C and 400 kPa. Reactants are methanol and jatropha oil with sulphuric acid catalyst. For a commercial scale production of biodiesel...
  10. gfd43tg

    Using Levenspiel Plots to Figure Out CSTR Volume

    Hello, I am having some difficulty with levenspiel plots, in particular when dealing with a CSTR and when the reaction rate is increasing with conversion. I will give an example plot to demonstrate my point. Assume we are trying to find the volume of a CSTR necessary to reach a conversion of...
  11. gfd43tg

    PFR vs. CSTR reactor size for various order reactions

    Hello, I have been working on a very interesting problem out of Fogler's Chemical Reaction Engineering. I have completed the problem (parts (a) through (c) which is what i'll do because I've been working on this problem for a while and I'm too tired to do part (d) right now), but I want to...
  12. gfd43tg

    Concentration change in CSTR

    Hello, Suppose A and B are continuously added into a tank, and exit stream consists of A,B,C, and D. I am a little confused on the following point as I follow the example in my textbook. The reaction is ##A + B → C + D## It says because (and I quote) ''...Because the system is operated at...
  13. M

    CSTR vs. BSTR system open or closed

    Hello, I was wondering, is it the case that a CSTR is an open system because there is flow passing in and out of the tank, thus passing the control volume, so it's open. Similarly for a BSTR, the fact that there is no flow means that it is closed? I mean in that sense, a beaker with a...
  14. B

    CSTR Design Equations: Get Answers to Your Questions

    I was told to derive cstr design eqns for an upcoming experiment, but I'm not sure of the basis I'm working on or where to start? Is there a web page or recommended bk or PDF that covers all the related equations for cstr?
  15. K

    Find % Conversion for PFR & CSTR Design w/o Eq.

    The Quastion are giving me a graph ploted between 1/-r and X the graph if perfectly parabola but scale between % conversion are not equal. what sould i do if i asked to find the % conversion for PFR and CSTR which has fix volume. if u don't clearly understand what I'm ask u may look up at...