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Skier coasts down hill speed at bottom?

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Hello! Just wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction with these problems?

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
"A skier coasts down a very smooth, 10 m high slope. If the speed of the skier on the top of the slope is 5.0 m/s, what is his speed at the bottom of the slope?"


"If the skier has a mass of 60 kg, and the force of friction retards his motion by doing 2500 J of work, what is his speed at the bottom of the slope?"

I just can't seem to figure out what equation to use to figure this out.

Thanks SO much!


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welcome to pf.
At the top of the hill the skier has kinetic and potential energy - at the bottom he has just kinetic - since no energy is lost these are equal.
what are the equations for KE and PE?
thank you!

the equations are...

KE= 1/2mv^2
PE= mgy

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