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Skipping parts of Landau\Lifshitz Mechanics?

  1. Sep 15, 2013 #1
    I've recently picked up Machanics by Landau and Lifshitz to brush up on Lagrangian\Hamiltonian mechanics, but this book contains a huge chunk of sections on molecular vibrations\scattering theory\collisions etc etc. My question would be: Will skipping these sections leave me at a disadvantage when I pick up on higher level topics such as QFT et al? My experience so far is that it is not needed, at least for General Relativity and elementary Quantum Mechanics. I will go back in the future and cover those sections, it just seems like it is unnecessarily time consuming to learn those applications if my main goal is learning QFT\Advanced GR and the like.
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    There are no two areas of physics that are disjoint. While it may seem inefficient and unnecessary to read those parts, you will benefit greatly be taking the time to first, convince yourself intelectually and emotionally that those topics are important and arrive at this conclusion yourself, and second, to sit down and read and understand that small book the whole way through. "Impatience slows understanding."
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