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Homework Help: Smooth slope - A level question.

  1. Apr 16, 2008 #1
    I have a question that i am struggling to come to terms with. I know how to get the answer but i am not 100% sure why what i am doing works.

    The question :

    A smooth plane is inclined at X degrees to the horizontal.
    A block of mass 5KG is held at rest on the plane by a horizontal force of magnitude 168N.

    Find :
    Angle X
    The force on Normal on the block.

    Ok, so far i have this.

    i seperated the horizontal force of 168N into a force horizontal and a force parralel to the plane.

    Horizontal : 168CosX = 5gsinX
    parallel : N = mgcosX + 168sin X

    Now somehow, and this is the part i do not understand 100%

    you get to the equation


    so then X is the tan^-1 of (168/5g).

    and then you put it back in the parallel equation to find N, the normal.

    Can someone explain to me how you come about reaching these equations :


    thank you.
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    Doc Al

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    Compare this:
    To these:
    The first of these equations has a typo. But these are all restatements and rearrangements of your original equation for horizontal (parallel to the incline) equilibrium.

    Or are you asking how one does the algebraic steps?
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    oops 5gcosX=168cosX meant to be 5gsinX=168cosX,

    typo confused myself, thats why i had written down.

    no wonder i didnt know how i got that, its not possible :P NVM =) thx for having the sense to point that out though. lol.

    btw : OT

    im currently sitting Maths, mechanics and physics at AS level in 6th form.
    This was a question from mechanics, but there is similar things in physics 1.

    on about the 16th of may i have lots of exams, i have all re-sits from january because i did terrible.

    Maths : E
    Physics : U

    so now i have maths 1, maths 2, mechanics 1, physics 1 and physics 2.

    i also have ict 1 and 2, and economics 1 but they are less of a worry to me.

    I'm determined to get an A in everything i sit, so i'm going to do nothing but revise for this month and ensure that i get A's. The simple fact is, if you do this physics a lot, you will get an A, no real intelligence involved at this level.

    so thanks for the help i will be asking a lot more questions, glad theres people like you to point out my stupid mistakes 8D. I also have a scanner set up so i'm likely to be adding pictures to questions i CBA to explain.

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