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A Software for symbolic calculations in high energy physics

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    I interest the software, which understands gamma and sigma matrices, that the convolution can go over Lorentz indexs, and over group indexs, which understands what is covariant differentiation, trace.
    I tried to use maple, but work goes with difficulty. Although I write convolution over different indexs, maple works with such expressions with difficulty. Maybe is there another program which easy understands what I want from one? (Preferably with the tex syntax and a support forum. But I listen to any recommendations)
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    I only know mathematica. There are several packages for this kind of things. A very simple one is Tracer, which handles "Diracology", including the rules for dimensional regularization (with the 't Hooft-prescription for the behavior of the "chiral" ##\gamma_5## matrix to implement the correct structure of the chiral anomaly in the Standard model (axial U(1) symmetry broken, vector U(1) intact as it must be in QCD)


    A newer package is

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