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Solar lighting for remote yurt/cabin

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    Thanks for the opportunity for a biologist to glean some info on e. engineering. My wife and I are taking over two established yurts (16' D fabric-sided shelters) used primarily for winter recreation. Current lighting from white gas lanterns. Flammable liquids that need to be hauled in 4 miles on foot to a fabric shelter is bad.

    I want a solar-powered lighting system that is inexpensive and reliable to 0 F for us and guests. Any suggestions? Currently I am considering Harbor Freight's cheap solar panels, gel battery, and led lights or simply lots of solar led garden lights with an interior switch.

    Thanks for your time and this resource.

    Cheers, Alex
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    The bad news is that solar power isn't likely to be much use.

    Winter at high latitudes means that you will have problems of short days, overcast conditions and poor levels of solar radiation.

    Winter may bring strong winds, though. Maybe you could look at a wind generator?

    Failing that, could you improve the access to allow the use of a quad bike, or similar, to let you bring fuel in more conveniently?
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